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Nové publikácie OECD v knižnici Agroinštitútu

Zoznam nových publikácií OECD v knižnici Agroinštitútu

  • International Standards for Fruit and Vegetables. Cherries.
  • International Standards for Fruit and Vegetables. Chinese Cabbage.
  • Making the Most of Public Investment in the Eastern Slovak Republic.
  • Agricultural Policy Monitoring and Evaluation 2016.
  • Evolving Agricultural Policies and Markets. Implications for Multilateral Trade Reform.
  • Alternative Futures for Global Food and Agriculture.
  • OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2016-2025.
  • OECD Factbook 2015-2016. Economic, Environmental and Social Statistics.
  • A New Rural Development Paradigm for the 21st Century. A Toolkit for Developing Countries.